Interview Preparatory Class

(Not an English Conversation Class)

No doubt, immigration is the most significant decision people may ever make in their life, so it calls for a lot of preparation and education. In order to share our knowledge and experience with you, and to prepare you fully and effectively for your selection interview, we have designed an interview preparatory course, a necessity you can hardly do without. Join one of our classes as a guest and see for yourself the difference and share a peerless environment of learning and a unique experience of communicating first hand information.

In our Interview Preparatory Classes, you are introduced to the dos and don'ts of the selection interview. You will review and browse the details of your application and will become ready for the selection interview during which the success or failure of your application is to be determined. The content of this class directly serves your success in your soon-to-come interview. It is both vital and alarming to know that the final decision regarding an application is made at interview. This fact highlights the necessity for a full preparation for the selection interview which is becoming more critical each day.

Some of the topics to be covered in this class are:

- Explaining the philosophy of interview and the selection criteria for different cases;
- The objective behind questions and answers and the hidden strategies;
- Your legal rights at interview;
- How to bring the interview event under your control and get your desired results;
- How to read between the lines;
- How to make your point and avoid misunderstandings;
- What to do if there are questions you can’t or don’t need to answer.

Bear in mind that despite the rumors around on the omission of Selection Interviews because of the recent demand of Immigration and Citizenship Canada (after June 26, 2002) for language proficiency certificates, such interviews are STILL the ultimate means of ensuring and confirming your eligibility to be given Canadian Permanent Resident visas.