Visiting Canada

Every year, over 35 million visitors come to Canada to enjoy the world's second largest country and all its attractions. If you are not the national of one of the visa-exempt countries, in order to enter and stay in Canada temporarily, you will need a Temporary Resident Visa (visitor visa).

You need to apply for such visas with the Canadian Embassy responsible for your region of the world prior to leaving for Canada. Such visas, when issued, are usually valid for a period of six months. The duration of your stay in Canada, however, is determined by an officer of Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA).

During your stay in Canada, you are not allowed to attend post-secondary educational institutions (colleges and universities). You are not allowed to work either. For study purposes, you need to apply for and obtain a Study Permit, which allows you to stay in Canada and pursue your education. Likewise, in order to work in Canada, you need a Work Permit before you can be employed.