Immigrate Quebec Permanent Workers

Finding a Job

Finding a job in Canada’s competitive labour market can be a daunting task. If you are out of a job, finding one can become your full-time job! Most job seekers from other countries may find it more difficult to find a job in Canada because it can be quite different from their country of origin for a variety of reasons. They may initially feel that a lack of professional as well as a personal network can make finding a job more challenging. They may over-qualify for the jobs they are applying for or they are working in an area unrelated to their education or previous work experience. They key to overcome these hurdles is perseverance and flexibility.

You cannot ever underestimate how important it is to have a presentable resume. First impressions count and the first impression that a potential employer will have of you will depend on how well present your resume. Your resume, also called CV, should include, among other things, an account of your education, qualifications, and work experience. Many employers may ask you to email your resume with a cover letter or upload it to their website. On top of a resume and a cover letter, you may also have to submit a portfolio or a link to your online portfolio If you are applying for certain jobs (for example photography, graphic design etc.)

There are many ways to look for a job in Canada but by far the most common one is through job seeking websites. You can easily narrow down your field of interest and geographical area to find jobs that suit you best. Examples abound:

The Government of Canada also runs a job bank website: