Immigrate Quebec Permanent Workers


1. How is immigrating to Quebec different from immigrating to the rest of Canada?

Quebec immigration program is entirely different from Federal program, especially in skilled worker category. If your application is successfully admitted by the Quebec government, there is still a second stage in the processing of your application i.e. you should apply to the federal government for background and security checks as well as the medical examination. Visas are also issued by the federal government and not the government of Quebec. The biggest differences between the two programs are:

a. Through Quebec Permanent Worker Program, applicants with almost any occupation can apply.

b. Quebec Program attaches more importance to French language ability than English.

2. What is the Quebec Selection Certificate (Certificat de Sélection du Québec, CSQ)?

If your application has been successful, Quebec issues a Certificate of Selection for you and each family member in your application. This certificate is required for the second stage of your application when you apply to the federal government.

3. Are there any specific occupations that are eligible for Quebec Immigration selection?

At present, Quebec accepts almost all occupations.

4. Do I have to know French in order to apply for Quebec immigration?

Yes, as the first official language in Quebec is French, knowing French is of utmost importance in all applications for immigration to Quebec.

5. What are the advantages and disadvantages of applying for Quebec immigration compared to immigration to other provinces in Canada?

Many believe that the Quebec program is faster than the federal program. However, the most important difference is not in the process but after the process is completed and you land in your destination. Quebec is part of Canada, not a separate country. However, many immigrants find Quebec a better place to live and work compared to other provinces of Canada. For more information about Quebec, visit the Know Quebec section on our website.

6. How does the point system for Quebec Selection work?

For the Quebec point system, please see Eligibility Criteria for Quebec Permanent Workers.

7. Who can I include in my application for immigration to Quebec?

You can include your spouse and your dependent children.

8. How can Better Life help me in the process of immigration to Quebec?

At Better Life, we advise you on immigration to Quebec and assess your chances. We will then prepare a professionally designed application and submit it to the government of Quebec along with all the required supporting documents on your behalf. We will coach you for your selection interview and later prepare and submit the second part of the application to the federal government for the continuation of the processing until you receive your immigrant visa.