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Self-Employed Persons (Quebec)

Quebec Self-Employed Worker Program is intended for applicants who apply to become self-employed in the province of Quebec and show the ability and the intention to do so. Unlike Federal Self-Employed Program which is limited to cultural and athletic fields and farm management, Quebec Self-Employed Worker Program is much more flexible and includes almost all occupations.

In general, applicants who have at least two years of experience of working for and by themselves prior to the date of their application, have enough funds to support themselves and their new business in Quebec and can communicate in French, regardless of their occupation, can apply under Quebec Self-Employed Worker Program. Other factors such as age, knowledge of Quebec, and adaptability will also be considered in selecting Quebec self-employed applicants.

Because each business is unique in its nature, there is no minimum funds requirement for this program. However, it is hard to imagine being able to establish and promote a self-employed business in Quebec with less than $100,000 CND in funds. This is the money that must be easily available to the applicants upon their arrival in Quebec.

In fact, Self-Employed Worker Program is similar to Entrepreneur Program in many respects, without its conditions and without the requirement to create employment for others; the self-employed applicant must be able to create a job for himself/herself only.

For further information about Quebec Self-employed Worker Program, please visit the website of the Government of Quebec.

Important Notice:

Maximum Number of Applications

From May April 1, 2016 to March 31, 2017, the maximum number of applications for the Entrepreneurs program has been reached.

More information on the changes in Quebec Permanent Worker Program is available via this link:

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