Immigrate Provincial Nominee Program

F.A.Q (Provincial Nominee Program)

1. What is the Provincial Nomination Program?

Provinces of Canada have an agreement with the Federal government of Canada to recruit their own immigrants. Therefore, they have developed their own distinct programs for this purpose. In Provincial Nominee Programs, each province nominates their candidates after reviewing their application and supporting documents and if the applicant is admitted at the interview. Nominees are then referred to the Federal government for medical examinations and security checks.


2. Which provinces and territories participate in the PNP?

As of today, all provinces have their own Nominee Program. However, Quebec has its own Selection Program which is slightly different from Provincial Nominee Programs. Also, Nunavut which is an almost newly developed territory does not have a nominee program as yet.


3. Does the province of Quebec take part in the PNP?

Quebec is the first province that developed its own immigration program. However, Quebec selection program is slightly different from the other Provincial Nominee Programs.


4. Do I have to choose the PNP in order to immigrate to Canada?

PNP is one way to immigrate to Canada. However, considering the new trend in the Canadian immigration policies, it seems that the government of Canada is encouraging applicants to come to Canada through one of the Provincial Nominee Programs available to them.


5. What are the advantages of applying through the PNP?

PNPs are usually shorter routes to Canada compared to similar Federal programs.


6. Does obtaining a Provincial Nomination guarantee a Canadian Immigration Visa?

No. Provinces first review the applications and the supporting documents. An interview is usually conducted with the applicant as well. Such interviews are almost always scheduled in the province. Upon successful acceptance of their applications, applicants are referred to the federal government for the remaining parts of the process, which are medical examinations and security checks. The federal government later issues the Permanent Resident visa.


7. What Criteria do the provinces look for in their PNP applicants?

Since each province has its own criteria for nominating applicants, we recommend that you visit this page for more detailed information about the Provincial Nominee Program of each province or territory.