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Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

Temporary foreign students or workers who have recently graduated or worked in Canada may apply for Canadian Permanent Residence (outside the province of Quebec) under the Canadian Experience Class (CEC). This program is designed so that skilled workers or graduates who can have a positive contribution to the economy of Canada can be retained in the Canadian society as Permanent Residents.

The first step for interested candidates who want to be considered for CEC is to complete an Express Entry profile.

The Express Entry system has been updated. You can now earn up to 30 more CRS points for study in Canada. Giving points for study in Canada will make it easier for students to be invited to apply.

In order to apply for Permanent Residence through this program, you should fit in one of the following two categories:

  • Foreign students who have recently graduated from a Canadian university or college, with at least one year of full-time (or equivalent) work experience; or
  • Temporary Foreign Workers with at least two years of full-time (or equivalent) work experience

You should also meet all of the following requirements:

  • You should have gained your work experience or done your studies in Canada in a legal manner (while holding the appropriate visa);
  • You should either be still working in Canada while you apply, or you should apply within one year of leaving your job;
  • You should submit the results of an English or French language test (IELTS General Training for English / TEF for French).
  • plan to live outside the province of Quebec.

Your application will be reviewed considering your language abilities, your work experience, and, in case you apply as a recent graduate, your education.

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