Visit Visiting Canada

Prepare Before Departure

Before leaving for Canada, you should make sure you have a valid travel document (passport) which will be valid for a period of at least six months from your arrival. 

Each traveler to Canada must make sure they have a valid visa unless they are the nationals of visa exempt countries. Canadian Temporary Resident Visas (visitor visa) are usually valid for six months unless otherwise mentioned on the passport at the port of entry.

Travel insurance is a must and all tourists to Canada are advised to purchase travel and/or accident insurance before departure. As medical cost in Canada is high for non-residents, it is advisable, and at times, mandatory, to purchase such an insurance prior to arrival in Canada.

You can use all valid credit cards in Canada. Travelers' Cheques can also be used in Canada and can easily be cashed.

If you intend to drive in Canada, make sure your driver's license from your home country is valid for driving in Canada. Canada has strict driving regulations and drivers' licenses from a number of countries are not valid for driving in Canada.

Given the kaleidoscopic weather conditions in Canada, it is important to dress properly for the season.