Immigrate Sponsorship

Other Relatives

In addition to spouse and children, some other relatives may also be sponsored by Canadian permanent residents or citizens to come to Canada as immigrants, through the Family Class program. Relatives eligible for sponsorship are:

  • parents (and accompanying relatives such as spouse and dependent children)
  • grandparents (and accompanying relatives such as spouse and dependent children)
  • grandchildren who are orphaned, under 18 years of age and not married
  • brothers or sisters who are orphaned, under 18 years of age and not married
  • nephews or nieces who are orphaned, under 18 years of age and not married

Other relatives, such as brothers and sisters over 18 or adult independent children cannot be sponsored. However, if they apply to immigrate under the Skilled Worker Class, they may get extra points for adaptability for having a relative in Canada.

The sponsor should promise to financially support their sponsored relative; therefore, the sponsor needs to meet some income requirements. The period of financial responsibility is between three to ten years, depending on the age and the relationship between the two parties.

Financial requirements for sponsoring relatives (other than spouse and children)

The person who agrees to be a sponsor must sign a contract called an undertaking. The undertaking is a promise to provide financial support for the Sponsored person’s basic requirements and those of his or her dependents.

Basic requirements are:

  • food
  • clothing
  • utilities
  • personal requirements
  • shelter
  • fuel
  • household supplies

This also includes other health care not provided by public health, such as vision and dental care.

The undertaking ensures that these persons and their family members do not have to apply for social assistance. Its length varies according to their age and their relationship to the sponsor.

The obligations of a sponsor begin as soon as the sponsored person and, if applicable, his or her family members arrive in Canada. The sponsor must prove that they have sufficient income to provide basic requirements for their spouse’s dependent children. To do this, the sponsor must provide documents showing their financial resources for the 3 years prior to the sponsorship application.

The Minimum Necessary Income requirement, which must be met for the three years preceding the date of the application:


Size of Family Unit Minimum Income
Minimum Income
Minimum Income
2 persons $39,371 $38,618 $38,272
3 persons $48,404 $47,476 $47,051
4 persons $58,768 $57,642 $57,125
5 persons $66,654 $65,377 $64,791
6 persons $75,174 $73,733 $73,072
7 persons $83,695 $82,091 $81,355
If more than 7 persons, for each additional person, add $8,522 $8,358 $8,271