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After Arrival Services

Arriving in a new country for the first time, especially with family members, can be quite intimidating. It is worth spending a minimal amount of money in order to eliminate all worries and not let the distress of arrival spoil the delight of reaching your destination. The landing experience in Canada will always be remembered either as a sweet or bitter memory. It all depends on you to decide which memory you want to make upon your first arrival in Canada.

Airport Pickup

Upon your arrival, a representative of our office will welcome you at the port of entry, will provide you with a map of the city and the public transportation and, will drive you safely to your pre-determined accommodation. Just give us your flight number and we arrange for a comfortable arrival for you and your family.

Settlement Arrangements (Accommodation)

A proper place to live is the most important concern for all newcomers. It is essential to pre-arrange for an accommodation prior to your arrival. Our office can find you short-term or long-term accommodations to keep your mind at ease upon arrival.

We can arrange short-term suitable accommodations for the nights immediately following your arrival in Canada or long-term accommodations after you have been familiarized with different areas and neighborhoods based on your preferences and budget.

Social Insurance Number (SIN)

A representative from our office will assist you in completing the forms necessary for obtaining a social insurance number (SIN), and will accompany you to a Human Resources Development Canada office for filing of the application.

Bank Accounts and Credit Cards

One of the initial steps to settlement is to sort out your banking. As part of our after-arrival package of services, we help you to open your first bank account in Canada and apply for a credit card in order to start building your credit history.

Mobile and the Internet

We understand how urgent it is for you to be connected back to the world you left behind. Obtaining a cellphone service as well as an Internet connection are among the most primary of all your needs after arrival. We will get your wired up as soon as possible!

Health Care

Once a social insurance number has been obtained, and a long-term address has been established, we will accompany you to complete an application for provincial health care. The time you have to wait to become eligible for provincial health coverage varies from province to province. However, the average time is three months after your arrival.
So it is vital that you have purchased health insurance prior to your arrival either from insurance companies in your country or in Canada. Contact our office to arrange for such insurance packages.

Driver's Licence

As foreign Driver's Licences are not usually recognized in Canada, it is essential that the newcomers obtain their Canadian Driver's shortly after they arrive. We assist you with both the knowledge test and the road test in order for you to get your licence. A Driver's Licence is almost the first photo ID Card you can obtain in Canada which can be used for many purposes.

Intra-City Orientation Tours

In order for you to become accustomed to the new city you have arrived in, we arrange an orientation tour for you and your family members. These excursions are intended to familiarizes you with major city places and will provide you with guidance regarding the use of public transport in the area, banks and how to do your banking, your community centers, locations where you can buy groceries, nearest hospitals and clinics, entertainment centers and where foods that you may be familiar with can be found. 

We will stay with you until you feel safe and comfortable enough to live on your own and ready to set out to discover your new country.