Case Studies

One of our unique services is to offer you a free study of your file in order to eliminate your doubts and concerns and to detect the strong points and the weak points of your application. At any stage of your application for  permanent  residence  to  Canada, either before submission or if your interview is soon  to come, whether you have hired a lawyer or a consultant or have applied on your own, bring your file  with you and we will conduct a  free rigorous study of it and will let  you know of  your chances of success and failure. We will bring to light the pitfalls, shortcomings and potential problems of your file and will provide you with the suitable solutions. There is always time to amend the problems of your case. As the cardinal part of any application, we check the compatibility of your background education, work experience and technical skills with standards and requirements determined by the Canadian Immigration Act and Regulations from one hand and with the definitions and descriptions of Canadian National Occupational Classification (NOC) from the other hand. It is a wise decision to have your application scrutinized by specialists especially before you submit it.

You do not want to be one of those thousands of people whose applications are refused each year because of inadvertent mistakes or inadequacies!