Study Schools


Studying in Canadian schools is a viable option for parents who want their children to be educated abroad.

Schools in Canada are under provincial jurisdiction; therefore, each province sets its own regulations and standards for its school system. Furthermore, each district in every province has a Board of Education which governs the school system of that district according to the provincial regulations.

Schools in Canada can be publicly or privately funded. Foreign students can be admitted into both kinds of schools. The process of obtaining an admission is fairly simple. Schools normally require transcripts of the past 2-3 years of study. After the review of an application and after the tuition fee is paid, an admission letter is issued for the applicant. Admission letters should not be mistaken for Study Permits. Once an admission letter is issued by the school of your choice, you should still apply for a Study Permit (Student Visa) at one of the Canadian visa offices outside Canada.

After arriving in Canada and before starting school, there will be tests of English language proficiency and knowledge of mathematics for all international students. Depending on the results of these tests, a foreign student may be required to sit one level lower than his/her current level.

It should also be mentioned that students under 18 years of age need to have a custodian in Canada. This can be a family friend or a relative who undertakes the guardianship of the young student during his/her stay in Canada.

After obtaining an admission, an application should be submitted to the Canadian Embassy to obtain a Student Visa (Study Permit). The school's tuition fee will be refunded if a visa is not issued for any reason.

At Better Life, we can assist you throughout all these steps. We can assist you to obtain an admission from one of the Canadian educational institutions or schools and then apply for your Study Permit with the corresponding visa post. Please contact us for a consultation session at no charge in order to discuss these services in more detail.